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Change is inevitable.
                  Growth is intentional.

Sometimes we choose change, but most of the time it just happens. Change is stressful for individuals and groups because it challenges habitual ways of thinking and living until we learn to adapt. We often have no control over what happens around us, but we can choose to evolve through life's transitions and ultimately to thrive in spite of them.

With hypnotherapy and guided imagery, Transformative Living can help you gain a fresh perspective on the situations you face—overcoming challenges or obstacles that previously seemed insurmountable. Select one of the pictures at the bottom of the page to see how Transformative Living can help you.

NEW CD RELEASE by Dr. McDonald! Mind-body Skills for Relaxation: Easing into Surgery and Recovery Feeling anxious or uncertain about surgery? Research strongly supports the use of pre-operative guided imagery for surgical patients. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, decrease the need for pain and/or anxiety medication, and promote recovery and healing. This 37 minute CD will help you ease into surgery and recovery. To purchase either a physical CD or audio download, select the link below.

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