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Program Development

Program DevelopmentTransformative Living offers program development services for healthcare organizations and health-related groups who are interested in providing integrative health offerings for their patients and/or communities, but who lack the resources, time, or expertise to investigate, develop, implement, and assess such programs.

Dr. McDonald utilizes her extensive background in the non-medical aspects of an integrative program including the pragmatism of business as well as the credibility of science to develop programs customized to meet the needs of your patients / community:

  • Over 30 years of business experience developing and managing service-based programs plus experience in marketing, strategic business planning, and fiscal year goal planning
  • Education and experience in psychology, transpersonal psychology, and mind-body medicine with a focus in education and research
  • Certifications and clinical experience in hypnosis and other complementary medicine modalities
Transformative Living offers a wide range of program development services including:
    Program Development
  • Needs assessment
  • Education and consultation
  • Strategic planning
  • Program design and development
  • Program implementation and management
  • Assessment of program effectiveness
Pricing for these services are quoted on a per contract basis. Contact Transformative Living for a free consultation with Dr. McDonald to see if she can assist your organization in developing balanced, integrative healthcare programs suitable for the needs of the community you serve.

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