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Liability Waiver

Transformative Living, LLC strives to assist you in your pursuit of healing and wholeness and to create / maintain a safe physical, mental and emotional environment. However, since every process or practice carries some risk of perceived or real harm, all clients must agree to the following:

Clients are responsible for exercising care for their own safety and well-being. They will not engage in any process or practice that causes them physical discomfort or undue emotional distress. They will inform Transformative Living, LLC of any concerns or questions they have concerning their ability to engage in the process or practice in which they have chosen to participate.

Clients further understand and acknowledge that no amount of care, caution, instruction or expertise can entirely eliminate all potential for a negative outcome, and they expressly and voluntarily assume all risk of personal discomfort or injury sustained while participating in processes or practices with Transformative Living, LLC.

Therefore, clients hereby release and discharge Transformative Living, LLC, from any and all liability, claims or demands arising out of their participation in processes or practices with Transformative Living, LLC.

To this end, all clients will be asked to sign a liability waiver prior to engaging in their first session with Transformative Living, LLC.

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