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Fee Schedule for Individual Sessions

New client initial session: $250.00 (120 minutes)
Follow-on sessions: $175.00 ea (90 minutes)
Additional Fee for Telephone Session $10.00 ea (this is added to the individual session fee)

Payment Terms:

  • Payment is expected at time of service except for telephone sessions which must be paid in advance of the scheduled session and/or credit card payments which must be processed before your scheduled appointment time.
  • Cash, personal check, Visa, or MC is accepted on the day of service. Or, you can pay online in advance of your appointment: go to the Individual & Group Sessions page, select the type of session from the drop-down menu, and process your credit card payment via PayPal before you come in for your appointment.
  • Be advised that insurance will not cover this service; however your pretax health spending account may if you have one.
  • NOTE: Transformative Living does not offer medical advice, medical care, or psychotherapy. Please see California Disclosure Statement for more information.
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