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Our Reactions to Change

Reactions to ChangeManaging change is a challenge we face throughout our lifetime. We often resist it, causing more anxiety, or we respond inappropriately resulting in a less than positive result. As we matured, each of us developed coping mechanisms or habits for various issues or personal challenges we experienced. These coping mechanisms, which are often below the surface of our awareness, determine our approach to new situations we encounter. Right or wrong, we act automatically according to these unconscious habits. To feel better or to change the results, we need a new perspective to help us reframe how we view ourselves or the situation we face.

Using hypnosis and guided imagery, Transformative Living can help you overcome and/or manage difficult situations you find yourself facing resulting in a better quality of life, such as:

With Transformative Living, you gain the tools and techniques you need to help you overcome your fears and anxieties, so that you can focus on desired outcomes and manage life’s challenges more gracefully.

"I was referred to Dr. McDonald for issues related to phobias and anxiety. Since I have been working with her, I have made significant strides. My phobias made me almost housebound. In recent months, I have traveled to San Diego and flew to Dallas for a family reunion and wedding to give just a couple of examples of how Dr. Cynthia has helped me to take control and reclaim my life."
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Transformative Living also helps healthcare organizations and health-related groups to meet patient needs for integrative healthcare options by offering integrative healthcare program development services.

NOTE: Transformative Living does not offer medical advice, medical care, or psychotherapy. Please see California Disclosure Statement for more information.
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