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AboutTransformative Living Practices (TLP) is a set of self-help tools and processes designed to help you experientially:

  • Explore life meaning and purpose by developing your aspiration, i.e., the highest, deepest desire for your life
  • Identify internal personality traits that help or hinder the realization of your aspiration
  • Understand and accept these conflicting personality parts
  • Experience the power of releasing pre-conceived expectations
  • Open to that which you experience as sacred in your life and watch as new possibilities emerge
Transformative Living Practices is also known as Psycho-spiritual Integration and Transformation (PSIT) which was co-developed by psychologist Dr. Kathleen Wall and psychiatrist Dr. Carl Peters over a period of more than 20 years. It integrates techniques adapted from a variety of psychological approaches as well as ancient wisdom traditions such as Integral Yoga. Dr. McDonald has extensive training and experience in facilitating TLP individually, in small groups, and in workshops. Dr. McDonald also completed empirical research that explored the subjective impact of TLP on coping for breast cancer patients.

"I think what made Transformative Living Practices so special is the freedom and openness of it. The ideas were presented in many different forms, so we could find the one that resonated for us...Very, very different from anything I've done, and yet very powerful."
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