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Managing Anxiety. (July, 2013)

Have you ever felt like a prisoner of your own mind? You know the feeling - restlessness, tense shoulders, a knot in the stomach, clenching jaws, aching head, and a mind that just won't shut down! Anxiety is a normal response to certain life situations. Sometimes we feel this way because we are about to do something that is out of our comfort zone, or because we don't know what to expect and feel out of control. Other times, we experience a general sense of dread or restlessness and can't quite put our finger on exactly why we feel this way. In this month's newsletter: • "Did You Know..." This section provides bits of information about anxiety • "Here's What Can Help..." This section provides some tips for managing anxiety • Featuring my popular relaxation CD: Breath, Awareness & Imagination - an affordable tool for deep relaxation!

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