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Scientific ResearchHypnosis has been the subject of thousands of empirical studies over the past 50 years for its use in medicine and the social sciences. Such studies have indicated that hypnosis is beneficial for many individuals, in particular those who are strongly motivated to change and who are open to the process. However, there is no guarantee that hypnosis will work for everyone, and although neuro-scientific research utilizing functional MRI has shed some light on how different parts of the brain respond to hypnotic induction, the exact mechanisms through which hypnosis works is not yet known.

Below is a selected sampling of articles from peer reviewed journals presenting empirical evidence for the benefits of hypnosis as an adjunctive treatment for a variety of medical and/or psychological conditions. A majority of the articles may be viewed in full text at PubMed Central which is the digital archival facility of the National Institute of Health. If you don't find the information you are looking for in this selected list of research, please search PubMed Central for the keyword "hypnosis" to see a far more comprehensive list of research.

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