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Hypnosis and Surgery

A meta-analytical review of studies using hypnosis with surgical patients conducted at the Derald H. Ruttenberg Cancer Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, indicated that patients in hypnosis treatment groups had better clinical outcomes than 89% of patients in control groups. These data strongly support the use of hypnosis with surgical patients. Specifically, research conducted by the Department of Oncological Sciences, Mount Sinai School of Medicine indicated that patients receiving preoperative hypnosis had significantly less anxiety. Moreover, on entrance to the operating rooms, the hypnosis group reported a significant decrease of 56% in their anxiety level whereas the attention-control group reported an increase of 10% in anxiety and the control group reported an increase of 47% in their anxiety. Research conducted at the Aultman Heart Center also indicated that patients who received hypnosis were significantly less likely to experience an episode of postoperative atrial fibrillation PAF.

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