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Mind-body Skills

Mind Body SkillsMind-body skills are a set of diverse tools and practices that promote deep relaxation, reduce stress, and increase well-being. These tools include autogenics, journal writing, creative expression, guided imagery, various forms of meditation techniques, gentle physical movement, breathing techniques, and various relaxation methods. These methods can be taught individually, but are even more powerful when taught within a small group over a period of several weeks. Dr. McDonald completed her Mind-body Skills Professional and Advanced Training through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine which states "These approaches are fundamental to relieving the stress that contributes so significantly to all chronic illnesses, and to comprehensive and integrative approaches to the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, depression, PTSD, diabetes, asthma and HIV/AIDS."

"I owe a lot of my positive mindset to having worked with Dr. McDonald! She helped me gain the tools needed to practice and naturally execute the techniques to relax easily whenever I wanted to. This mind-body calming has helped me move forward into a very healing recovery process."
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