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California Disclosure Statement

Transformative Living, LLC, offers complementary healthcare services such as hypnotherapy and guided imagery under California Business and Professions Code 2053.6. Although Cynthia L. McDonald, Ph.D., CMHT, of Transformative Living, LLC is not a licensed physician or licensed mental health professional, she is a certified medical hypnotherapist (CMHT) with significant credentials, education, and experience. Furthermore, services offered by Transformative Living, LLC such as mind-body skills, hypnotherapy / medical hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and Transformative Living Practices are not licensed by the state of California. New clients who wish to engage Transformative Living, LLC must read and sign disclosure statements in keeping with California Business and Professions Code 2053.6 prior to their first appointment.

Please note that it is the client's responsibility to maintain a relationship with a medical doctor and/or a licensed mental health professional. If you have any physical, mental or emotional disorders and have not yet sought the advice of a qualified health professional about your condition, please do so before scheduling a session with Transformative Living, LLC. If you are already under the care of a qualified health professional, it is recommended that you inform him/her that you are receiving services from Transformative Living, LLC such as hypnosis and guided imagery and that you do NOT eliminate or discontinue any medical treatments, psychotherapy or counseling treatments, or medications without your health professional's instructions to do so.

It is also possible that tools and processes used by Transformative Living, LLC, may evoke strong emotions or memories, so it is important to let your mental health professional know you are using them. Further, it is your responsibility as the participant / client to modify any tools, practices, or services, offered by Transformative Living, LLC, in accordance with your comfort level and to stop doing any techniques that cause undue physical or emotional discomfort.

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