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HypnosisHypnosis is a state of restful awareness during which a person uses highly focused concentration and therefore, may be more open to suggestion. It is a state very similar to what we all experience when we are lost in a daydream, absorbed in a movie or a task, or when we are just about ready to fall asleep and experience deep relaxation of body and mind. Contrary to media depictions and what many believe, people under hypnosis are not under the control of the hypnotherapist. They cannot be made to do something they do not want to do. Instead, hypnosis is used to help individuals gain more control over their behavior, emotions, and even some physical processes that may cause problems for them. Hypnosis can be particularly effective for:

  • Lifestyle changes, such as —
    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight reduction
    • Increasing performance (creativity, athletic, work)

  • Thought-habit changes, such as —
    • Increasing self-esteem
    • Reducing anxiety
    • Eliminating or reducing phobias
    • Releasing limiting thought patterns
Hypnosis is also an extremely useful adjunct to medical treatments. According to the mind-body perspective, thoughts and emotions can influence physical health. Hypnosis uses intentional and vivid mental imagery to activate the body's own resources for health and balance. Thus, it can enhance the effectiveness of medical treatments and improve quality of life. These techniques activate the power of your mind-body connection and can be safely used with any medical treatment to assist with:
  • Pain management
  • Preparation for surgery or invasive medical tests/treatments
  • Awakening your body's healing power
  • Managing treatment side-effects
Scientific research indicates hypnosis can be a beneficial change agent for behavioral and mental habits and a complementary treatment for a variety of medical conditions.

"Even if you are unsure of hypnosis and never tried it before, it would be a great way to overcome and change your thinking and fears. It creates an inner calm that may not happen in other therapy practices."
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