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What Can I Expect?

What can I expectYour individual session whether in person or on the phone, will be customized to meet your needs.

As a new client, your first session emphasizes:

  • Building our rapport as a foundation for our work together
  • Understanding your needs, concerns, expectations, history, and issues
  • Educating you about hypnosis and the hypnotic process
  • Discussing the important part you play in each session
  • Experiencing a relaxing hypnotic induction to gain confidence in your own abilities
  • A CD of the customized induction is created for your personal use
Each follow-on session includes:
  • A short discussion time to understand how the induction is working for you, if there is new information or issues that came up since our last session, and constructing new suggestions for today's induction
  • The hypnotic induction which includes: 25 minutes of deep relaxation, imagery, and positive suggestions specifically crafted to catalyze the changes you are ready to make
  • A short discussion of your experience of the induction
  • A CD of the customized induction created for your personal use
To increase the benefits and effectiveness of the session, it is suggested that you listen to the CD several times before your next session. Listen to the CD when you have the time and attention to do so; do not listen to your CD when you are sleepy or when you are engaged in another task such as working or driving.

"I had faith that after listening to the CDs of our sessions that this practice would help me, but I was shocked at how much better it worked than I even expected!"
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NOTE: Transformative Living does not offer medical advice, medical care, or psychotherapy. Please see California Disclosure Statement for more information.
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