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Hypnosis and Pulmonary Disorders

Research conducted at Southport General Infirmary in the United Kingdom concluded that chronic asthmatic patients inadequately controlled by drugs had a significant decrease in hospital admissions and reduced duration of stay for those who were admitted, one year after hypnotherapy treatment. Prednisolone was withdrawn altogether or reduced for a majority of participants and side effects of drugs were reduced. Additionally, research conducted at a Pediatric Pulmonary Center in Syracuse, New York, found hypnotherapy was associated with improvement in 80% of patients with persistent asthma, chest pain/pressure, habit cough, hyper-ventilation, shortness of breath, sighing, and vocal cord dysfunction. Because patients described in this report were unlikely to have achieved rapid improvement in their symptoms without the use of hypnotherapy, it was concluded that hypnotherapy can be an important complementary therapy for patients in a pediatric pulmonary practice. A case study conducted at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, concluded that hypnosis may be a useful tool for difficult and long weaning from mechanical ventilation, especially when patient distress restrains the overall care management. Finally, research conducted by SUNY Medical University exploring the use of self-hypnosis for managing cystic fibrosis found that 86% of patients successfully utilized self-hypnosis to enhance their control over discomforts associated with symptoms of this disease and its treatments.

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